Film Festival and Film Society Divorce

Can Philadelphia support two international film festivals?

Some of you missed Saturday's story about the divorce between TLA -- producer of the Philadelphia Film Festival -- and its board, The Philadelphia Film Society (PFS). Citing irreconcilable differences, the TLA and PFS have split and the city will have two movie extravaganzas. The TLA-run CineFest will continue to be held in Spring and PFS-run Philadelphia Film Festival will be held in Fall, beginning October 2010.

Many cities have multiple film festivals (New York has Gotham, New York Film Festival and Tribeca). Movie geekdom runs pretty deep here, and there is a devoted -- and voracious -- base for all things cinematic in the region. Because of this, I'm guessing the city can support two international film fests. What I like about the New York Film Festival is its small and select nature (usually two dozen titles) and the filmmaker Q & As. What I like about the Toronto Film Festival is the world premieres and the sense that the entire city is taking time off to go to the movies. What I like about Telluride is that its one long weekend and filmmakers are in attendance and the discussions (both formal and informal) are very rich.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. Are you a Philadelphia Film Fest regular? What do you like about it? Not like? What kinds of movies and related events would you like to see? Are your movie needs being served?