Elle Fanning and The Decisive Moment

Sometimes love announces itself with a bolt of lightning or a thunderclap. Most often it doesn't announce itself at all, just sneaks up on you with cat's feet and a nervous giggle.

So it is when a star is born. Like that decisive moment in JJ Abrams' Super 8, when Elle Fanning's character acts a serious scene in the movie-within-the movie then turns on a dime, giggling anxiously, to ask the director if her performance is OK.

What do you think of Dakota Fanning's younger sister? Are there other decisive moments where you felt that you were present at the birth of a unique talent?

Brad Pitt's nervy motel-room seduction of Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise comes to mind. As does Morgan Freeman's intimidation of Christopher Reeve in Street Smart. Jessica Lange's angel of death in All that Jazz, taunting and tempting Roy Scheider, surely is a contender. Your nominations?