'Ebert Presents At The Movies' debuts

Just previewed Ebert Presents At the Movies, the reboot of the popular film-review revue. As the railbirds at the track say, it's pretty quick out of the gate. (In the Philadelphia area, it debuts Saturday, January 22 at 11 pm on WHHY-12.)

Too soon to tell if co-anchors Christy Lemire, critic for AP, and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, critic for mubi.com, have chemistry of the sort that guarantees a long run. But they're Generation X and Generation Next (she's 38, he's 24), articulate and movie-savvy. If Vishnevetsky comes off more sympathetically than Lemire in this first edition of the movie magazine, it's because he gives a thumbs-up to all four films reviewed (No Strings Attached, The Way Back, Company Men and The Dilemma), while Lemire's digit is down on all four releases.

In an homage to the credits sequence of Citizen Kane, producer/impresario Roger Ebert, whose tangle with thyroid cancer has left him without speech but not without an eloquent voice (which is provided by text-to-speech software), introduces the new anchors and movie mag correspondents. They include Kim Morgan, author of the invaluable sunsetgun blog, whose appreciation of Carol Reed's The Third Man is upstaged a little by the decision to shoot her in the style of Reed's movie, with the extreme low-angle shots Speaking through the expressive voice of Werner Herzog, Ebert reviews Paul and Sandra Fierlinger's exquisite animated adaptation of J.D. Ackerley's memoir of his life with his German Shepherd, , My Dog Tulip.

Bravo to Ebert and his co-producer/wife, Chaz. Looking forward to further editions.