Driving the Wedge

Vera Farmiga and Kate Beckinsale, soccer moms and professionals playing ethical soccer in Rod Lurie's provocative "Nothing But the Truth."

To the list of intriguing new journalism movies that include State of Play and  The Soloist, add Rod Lurie's Nothing But the Truth  (available this week on DVD), a provocative and wrenching account starring Kate Beckinsale as a Judith Miller-like reporter who outs Valerie Plame-like CIA agent Vera Farmiga, both soccer moms. Does the people's right to know trump the government's need to protect the anonymity of its operatives? Similar in spirit to Lurie's The Contender, NBTT pits journalism against national security, as if they were contenders into an ethical soccer match. If it meant being separated from your children, would you go to prison for your ethical beliefs? I like a movie that drives a wedge between my beliefs and my feelings. Can you think of others?