As the Globe Turns

The Slumdog and John Adams shadowboxed The Wrestler, while Kate Winslet got a matched set of doorstops on an evening where English actresses hyperventilated their thanks and an American actor thanked...his Chihuahua.

As predicted, "Slumdog Millionaire" was the big winner at Sunday's Golden Globes, four statuettes in all, taking honors for best picture, best director (Danny Boyle), best screenplay (Simon Beaufoy's adaptation of the Indian novel "Q & A") and best score (A.R. Rahman's lively score and of-the-nanosecond soundtrack). Boyle sidestepped recent slams of him and his movie by thanking his co-director, Loveleen Tandan, the India-born casting director who found the winning young actors, coached them and convinced Boyle and his producers that the film would have more authenticity if the Mumbai street urchins spoke Hindi. The HBO miniseries "John Adams" likewise swept the awards for TV drama, winning the top prize and acting awards for leads Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney and for supporting actor Tom Wilkinson.

Kate Winslet -- hoisting one of her two Globes. She won supporting actress honors for "The Reader" and the lead actress prize for "Revolutionary Road."

Unsurprisingly, Heath Ledger took supporting actor honors for his role as The Joker in "The Dark Knight."

Kate Winslet, gasping because although often nominated, she had never before won an award, who won two in one evening for roles that demanded both intense sexuality and mystery: supporting actress for "The Reader," as a German woman who seduces a young student, and lead actress for "Revolutionary Road," as a suburban homemaker and mother disillusioned in her marriage. Sister Brit actress Sally Hawkins, a delight in the film "Happy-Go-Lucky," took the prize for best actress in a film comedy and likewise could scarcely voice her thanks.

For his last-chance valedictory as a showman in the ring, "The Wrestler," Mickey Rourke was honored best actor in a film drama and gave an weirdly moving tribute to his companion -- his Chihuahua., Loki: "Sometimes when you're alone, all you got is your dog and they meant the world to me," he said, honoring pets past and present.  In other interviews Rourke has described Loki as a quadruped antidepressant: "She's like a giant Xanax, you know."

So, did you watch? Happy with the winners? I preferred Sean Penn's performance in "Milk," but by and large I was happy with these awards voted on by 87 freeloading freelancers. Favorite quote? Hairdo? Frock? Show all work.