And the Movie of Summer '09 Is...

The Hangover -- the Three Men and a Baby of 2009?

Your pick for the movie that best defines/encapsulates/represents the summer of '09?

I'd probably go for Up, which did very well in a poll conducted by Moviefone. Those 600,000 movie fans who voted went for Up as the best family film. But in the "Movie Most Worth Your Cash" polling, the edgy comedy The Hangover scored highest. Interesting that in a summer of so many sequels (Harry Potter) and reboots (Star Trek) that an original rose to the top of the poll. (In terms of box office, Transformers 2, Harry Potter and Star Trek top the charts.) The Least Worth the Cash category was led by the fossilized-on-arrival comedies Year One and Land of the Lost. While Moviefone voters cited (500) Days of Summer as the Best Movie No One Saw, I would go for The Hurt Locker.

You? Your thoughts on the movies of summer? Breakout performances? Memorable moments?