Alfred Hitchcock: A leg or a breast?

Cheered by this tongue-in-cheek video of an "Alfred Hitchcock cookbook," I mentally replayed my favorite food scenes in the films by the Master of Suspense. The two that make me laugh most are in To Catch a Thief. First, when Jessie Royce Landis (as Grace Kelly's mother) stubs out her cigarette in a plate of very expensive roo-service eggs. Second, when Kelly takes cat burglar Cary Grant on a picnic and offers him some chicken, naughtily inquiring "A leg or a breast?"

Then there is Frenzy, the one about a detective (Alec McCowen) pursuing a serial killer whose strangled cadavers are not as stomach--churning as the gourmet experiments of the detective's wife,  which run to ghastly-looking fish stews and pig's feet. The portly Hitchcock, whose father was a grocer, loved food, and liked to say, "A movie isn't a slice of life, but a piece of cake."

Amen to that, and what's your favorite morsel of Hitchcock food?