30 Ways to say 'I'm an artist, you're a hack'

Joan Crawford (left) and Bette Davis pose as gargoyles on the set of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." One of the rare moments they weren't dishing on each other.

After the love for yesterday's post about directors dissing directors, here's moviemorlocks.com on classic actors slamming their co-stars, with Marlon Brando and Bette Davis on the receiving end of the most derision.

I won't quote what Joan Crawford and Bette Davis had to say about each other, but you can. My favorite among these is Noel Coward's deathless putdown of Claudette Colbert (uttered while he was directing her on Broadway). Moviemorlocks doesn't have the slam exactly right, it's "Claudette, I could wring your neck -- if you had one."

The William Holden/Humphrey Bogart bad blood comes from the set of Sabrina, where Bogie felt he was too old to play Holden's elder brother and was annoyed that the younger hunk was having his way with their co-star, Audrey Hepburn.

Still, my favorite putdown of all time is Bette Davis on  Lillian Gish, her co-star in The Whales of August. Lindsay Anderson cast Davis, the spitfire of the sound era, with Gish, sainted star of the silents, as aging sisters. According to Anderson, when he was watching the dailies (footage shot the previous day) of a scene between the two, he exclaimed how great Lillian looked in the closeups. "Of course she does!" Davis hissed. "She was around when they invented the damned things!"

Can you add to this list?