Young Christians Mobilize to Eliminate Nukes

Last week young Christian leaders joined forces to launch a new initiative aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons. I was on the call and wanted to share what I thought was a great project.  Two Futures Project is a broad-based citizen mobilization, which in the next year will come to schools and churches, in partnership with organizations like former Sen. Sam Nunn’s Nuclear Threat Initiative.

Through Two Futures, citizens can take action in lots of ways—from lobbying their elected officials to educating their peers about the issue.

Tyler Wigg Stevenson, the founder of the Two Futures Project, said “Nonpartisan security experts are telling us that abolition of nuclear weapons is the only alternative to their eventual use, and scientists are telling us that we have the ability to do away with them.

Christians have the capacity to bring moral clarity to an issue that is about enacted blasphemy: who do we think we are to claim authority over life itself and the welfare of all future generations? That power belongs to God alone. I believe that American Christians—especially the rising generation—can and should be at the vanguard of a movement to ensure this important work is accomplished.”

Shane Claiborne, a Christian activist and advocate for the homeless, summed it up like this: “God does not bless bombs… We cannot simultaneously love our enemies and prepare to kill them en masse. It’s time to imagine a different future… and [to] end the instruments of war and move closer to the things that bring life”

Visit the Two Futures Web site to get involved in this important issue!