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See Rachael and the best prom of my life in this segment for the CBS Early Show.
Here's the CBS Early Show segment on Philly's Timmy Kelly that I told you about.


Here I am on The O'Reilly Factor, trying to get a nuanced point through on Cable TV.

debate Ralph Reed over The Golden Compass.

Here's a youtube video from Christmastime that a friend sent me, of my appearance on Hannity & Colmes to

I interviewed Orlando Bloom and Sebastian Copeland about Sebastian's book "Antarctica: The Global Warning" for Extra. Here are those clips on the Extra site.


Here are some newer clips of recent TV appearances in QuickTime (MP4) format, except where noted. (These are smaller, more easily downloadable files than the older ones, which we're currently compressing as well):
  • Radio:

    Majority Report (Air America Radio) Tue. April 18, 8:30 pm -->



    Here's my appearance on the Internet phone-in show Ring My Bell, from November.



    Podcasts with Flavia
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  • Jerry Bowyer Podcast: Returning Faith to the Democratic Party
    Jerry interviews Flavia about the need for the Democratic Party to take away the the Republican Party's monopoly on faith (10/31/05)


  • Flavia on PhillyFeed: PA Political Roundtable (1/13/06) (MP3)