Support moms on Mom's Day

In the past I have written about my dear friend Valerie Sobel and all the great work she does with her foundation Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation.  I wanted to share with you the opportunity she provides to support those who need it most on this very special day--Mother's Day.

The foundation provides urgent finanical support to single parents whose children are seriously ill. The foundation has helped the hundreds of overwhelmed parents that have exhausted all financial resources, and wish only to be at their child's bedside. Their urgent assistance helps a single parent cope during this fragile and frightening time.

If you go onto their website  you can support a single mother of a catastrophically ill child, and at the same time, send a card to a special mother in your life

To see all the Gift Items that you can choose to support a single mom's needs (for example, buy cellphone minutes so that mom can stay in touch with her children back home, or pay for busfare so she can get to the hospital.) Gifts for these moms are priced from $10, to $20, $25, $35 and up, so you can select a gift that speaks from your heart and respects your budget.  At the same time, you can honor a special mother on Mother's Day by selecting a greeting card to send to her. You will find all the instructions at the above website.

There are plenty of moms on this Mother's Day who feel grateful that they can care for their seriously ill children, yet the crushing burden of their child's illness has left them in finanical despair. With your gift, you can relieve their economic burdens and give them the gift of time with their child.  To show appreciation for your gift, the foundation will send you the story of the parent and child that you have assisted.

Please go to the website and help if you are able.