Get Outta The Weeds!

I have been getting to know Don Wilheim because of a mutual friend and Facebook!.  A 5-time cancer surivivor who does not know the definition of the word quit.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of his book, which I hear is amazing!  I reached out to him to ask if he could share some thoughts with Citizenhunters and here's what he sent.  I hope it helps you like it did me.

Folks, I know things are tough right now.  Everyone is paying the price for our collective gluttony of years gone by.  We are facing a global financial collapse over the next couple of years.  In addition, many of you who are reading this are facing cancer, or someone you care about is. There’s a lot to be down about right now.

But you have a choice.  The circumstances that are occurring in your life do NOT dictate how your life turns out.  The only thing that directly impacts you is how you choose to view your situation.  You control the thoughts that you have!  What thoughts are predominant in your mind each day?  Are they upbeat thoughts of how you and your family are going to make 2009 an outstanding year?  Are you picturing yourself healthy and happy?  Are you smiling and enjoying the time doing the things you love?

Or are your thoughts mostly negative… what I call “Being in the Weeds”?

While I think that it’s important that you pay attention  to the media and what’s happening in our world right now, I think that it’s wise to continue to manage your daily thoughts and keep a positive spirit. 

After all, if you died tomorrow, would you have wanted to waste today with useless, negative mental energy worrying about things you can’t control?

Food for thought, my friends…