Finding common ground and digging it


Yesterday, evangelicals and political progressives took a significant step towards ending the polarizing "culture wars." Through a process of dialogue with Faith in Public Life, Third Way and each other, these leaders found common ground on tough political questions from immigration reform to gay rights to abortion, without setting aside their principles.

This collaboration between unlikely allies demonstrates a model for finding a way forward on difficult political questions. We as citizens can learn a lot from this ethos of bridge-building; it’s certainly a productive way to engage with the political process. The agenda this coalition has rallied around - and for which they've already starting lobbying (PDF) - will have significant political implications.

Say yes to working together and realizing our shared values. Sign on as a supporter of a common-ground approach to abortion by joining the Real Abortion Solutions Facebook group. This approach calls for increased access to adoption, the prevention of unintended pregnancies, support for women and families, and better pre- and post-natal healthcare. Also, become a Facebook fan of the common values governing agenda at “Come Let us Reason Together.

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