Facebook causes and effects

A wise friend suggested that today I share the links I already did on Facebook so that I can get out of writing a new blog, heh. So please check out Alex's Lemonade Stand and In Memory of Ofc. John Pawlowski. Both of these are Facebook-specific links (they'll go to the right place if you're logged into Facebook), although you can also reach Alex's Lemonade here.

I know this is not breaking news, but I find Facebook to be a great resource for a lot of things. Please, if you're not my Facebook friend already I'd love to have you.


On Facebook I share, write about and post pictures about the only things more important to me than Citizen Hunter - type content. You will also find there evidence of the greatest thing about me -- my fabulous, smart, fun, supportive, cool friends and family.

Please take a look at these three links and join the group if you agree with me that they're worth supporting, and let me know if there are any groups or causes I should join!