Don't forget the families

Last week a group of interfaith and political leaders called on President Obama and the new Congress to make comprehensive, humane immigration reform a top priority.  With the country abuzz about the economy, stimulus, and bailout money, it seems too easy to forget about the families that are being split up and the lives dismantled due to our flawed immigration policies.

People of faith are stepping up to remind us that we shouldn’t forget these families, and that we need to make sure we fix this broken system.  Hundreds of immigration prayer vigils are taking place and a new initiative, supported by over 500 congregations, was launched.  While religious and Congressional leaders spoke out about the importance of acting now on immigration, they also announced this new initiative, the “Prayer, Renewal and Action on Immigration” campaign.

The campaign is designed to engage and educate congregations and people of faith on the immigration reform debate and will include as its first set of actions over one hundred prayer vigils across the country.  It’s an unprecedented effort at the grassroots level on this issue.

Rep. Gutierrez (D-IL) summed it up well: “It is time for this Congress to heed the cries of millions of citizens—people from all faiths and backgrounds—who cannot wait any longer for fair and just immigration reform."