Bail out the food banks!

The actions of AIG executives--with their reckless credit default swaps--contributed to the economic collapse we're experiencing today. The fact that $165 million of federal bailout funds were funneled to these same AIG execs symbolizes the core corruption behind it.

While it’s easy to be consumed by outrage about the AIG bonuses, we also can’t forget that millions of Americans are suffering. People are losing jobs and health care, unable to provide for their families and to ensure their immediate needs are met. Non-profit organizations across the country, like food banks and free health clinics, are stepping up to help, but they are buckling under the pressure of this recession. With donations sagging and investment values plummeting, these organizations are facing debilitating budget cuts.

These programs are lifelines for thousands of struggling families, and we need to help.

Sign the Faithful America petition and insist that the government bail out food banks, not just investment banks.

Don’t let local service providers get left out in the cold. Insist that the federal budget increase funds to food assistance, and health care and providing tax cuts to low and middle-income families. Members of Congress will be under intense pressure to cut these vital funds. We need to remind them that difficult times are when th ese programs are needed the most.

The AIG bonuses are shocking, not just due to their size, but what they represent: the rejection of the idea of shared sacrifice and the common good. We might not be able to get those executives to reconsider their priorities, but we can demonstrate our values and commitment to the well-being of all -- not just a wealthy few.