Week 2 Fantasy Power Rankings

Matt Ryan and Robert Griffin III were the top two scorers in Week 1, and neither was in my top 25 last week, so things are certainly going to look different this week.

Also, things will be different in the terms of how I rank them. I am taking away the differential percentage I used last week because, frankly, it takes entirely too much time to calculate and doesn't offer enough in return to make the time spent calculating the figure worthwhile.

I will also be adjusting the match-up rating (MR) to reflect the average of the teams each player has faced this season. For Week 1, it won't tell us much, especially at the quarterback position. That's because, for example, the quarterback who scored the most in Week 1 (Ryan), obviously faced the team that allowed the most points to a quarterback (Chiefs). As the season goes on, however, the rankings will become much more indicative of a player's success and how difficult it was to achieve it.

Remember, these are slightly different to traditional power rankings, but work in pretty much the same way. Basically, the team with the best record doesn't always hold the top spot. Same here - the player with the most points doesn't always take the top spot.


Ray Rice

RB 20
3 Rice picked up right where he left off last season. No reason to move him from the top spot here.
2  Aaron Rodgers QB 22
29 4 Against a tough 49ers defense, Rodgers put up solid numbers. He didn't win, but that doesn't count in fantasy.
3 Drew Brees QB 21
27 5 Like Rodgers, Brees lost in Week 1, but his numbers were solid enough to keep him near the top of the list.
4 Tom Brady
QB 17
21 11 Just Brady being Brady in Week 1. Look for more of the same from MR. Gisele Bundchen this week.
5 Adrian Peterson
RB 20
3  Peterson made the biggest climb in the rankings. He was previously unranked, but after proving his knee injury is a thing of the past, he has returned to his rightful place as an elite running back.
6 LeSean McCoy
15  He dropped a few spots, but it was nothing he did wrong. There were just some other players that out performed McCoy and jumped past him.
7 Arian Foster RB 19
24 7  You got exactly what you expected from Foster in Week 1.
8 Calvin Johnson WR 11
13 21 Megatron didn't have his best game against the Rams, but neither did his quarterback. I think the Lions right the ship and he will be just fine.
9 Matt Ryan QB 31
1 Matty Ice was the top scorer in Week 1, and with a few more games like that he will challenge the top-tier quarterbacks like Rodgers, Brady, and Brees.
10 Rob Gronkowski
TE 12
32 3 Gronk was solid, but with all the weapons at Brady's disposal, a dip in production is never out of the question.
11 C.J. Spiller
RB 22
26 1 Fred Jackson is out, and Spiller is the man in Buffalo again. He thrived in that role at the end of last season, and didn't seem to miss a beat in Week 1 after Jackson went down.
12 Julio Jones
WR 22 28 2  The kid can play. He was on my team last season, and really turned it on at the end. I regret not having him this season, as he looks poised to break out.
13 Matt Forte
RB 18 32 8  He had a good game, but it could have been better. Michael Bush is your worst enemy if you own Forte.
14 Brandon Marshall WR 17 30 5 Marshall and his quarterback Jay Cutler are back at it. Especially if you play in a PPR league, their chemistry is going to give you a huge boost.
15 Jimmy Graham TE 14 12 1 He's really athletic, and has one of the most accurate passers in the game throwing to him.
16 Tony Romo QB 23 30 3 Romo was extremely impressive in the Cowboys' win over the Giants, but I am not sold on him just yet. The Giants secondary is not good.
17  Andre Johnson
WR 17 11 5 Andre showed his owners that Calvin isn't the only Johnson that deserves to be a top receiver.
18 Robert Griffin III
QB 24 31 2 He definitely deserves to be on this list, but I am withholding judgment until I am sure that he can do it again. And again.
19 Darren McFadden
RB 11 18 15 If his team can ever figure out how to punt the ball, he could be really good. The number of touches he got (especially targets as a receiver) makes me think he is going to have plenty of chances to score.
20 Peyton Manning
QB 20 25 6  He's baaaaack.
21 Alfred Morris
RB 21 29 2 "The Butler" (as I like to call him) had a big Week 1 against the Saints. Let's see how long he can stay Shanahan's top back...
22 Matthew Stafford
QB 12 11 20 Tough game last week, and an even tougher match-up this week (SF). Stafford should be fin though.
23 Cam Newton QB 12 11 20  Is this the start of a sophomore slump?
24 Aaron Hernandez
TE 11 32 4  Despite not even being the top TE on his team, Hernandez still manages to find a way onto this list.

Frank Gore

RB 17 25 9
If Gore can stay healthy, he should be able to hold onto a spot on this list.

TP = Total points scored this season; MR = Average rank (vs. position) of defenses faced; PR = Positional ranking

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