Top 30 wide receivers for 2011

Calvin an Andre Johnson (no relation) share the top spot on my list. (AP Photos)

First, let me thank everyone who expressed interest in joining the first annual Fantasy Island Football League (FIFL). The response was great. Sorry for those of you that didn't make it, but it was pretty much a first come, first served type thing.

To those that are in the league: Welcome. And good luck (I guess). I am working on developing a prize for the winner. I'll be posting on here each week, updating standings, etc., in a special post called Fantasy Football Diary.

Other owners in the FIFL will also be posting about their experiences, strategies, etc. I'll be posting a list of the owners before the draft, and a team-by-team breakdown after.

I feel like I'm at a sever disadvantage because I am giving you all my rankings, etc., but oh well. I'm ready.

Speaking fo rankings, here is a look at my top 30 wide receivers for 2011:

1. Johnson & Johnson

(a) Calvin Johnson (DET) - He's 25 years old. He caught 12 touchdown passes in 2010. Matthew Stafford has another year under his belt. Jahvid Best and Brandon Pettigrew will help to keep defenses honest. He plays in a dome. Not to mention that he is an absolute beast. I mean, his nickname is Megatron. If those aren't enough reasons to make him the number one pick, then you must really like Andre.

(b) Andre Johnson (HOU) - Andre is probably the safer pick of the two Johnson's, since he is more experienced and has a larger body of work. The only problem with that is that he has never scored double-digit touchdowns in a season. I'm still not sold on Matt Schaub, and the emergence of Arian Foster could cause Johnson to lose some targets. Either way, he beat the hell out of Cortland Finnegan, and that's good enough for me. He also went to the U, but I don't think anyone will accuse me of bias with this one.

2. Mike Wallace (PIT) - Wallace was a stud last season, especially in the second half. He's like what DeSean Jackson would be if he caught twice as many passes. In his last nine games last season, Wallace had 6 touchdowns and six 100+ yard games. Also remember he spent a quarter of the season without Ben Roethlisberger, who's big arm is the perfect compliment to his lightning speed and knack for big plays.

3. Greg Jennings (GB) - Jennings, like the Johnson's, is a huge target. He's a double threat, with the ability to go over the middle and provide a deep threat at the same time. Throw Roddy White in the mix, and these are the four players that I consider similar to Terrell Owens in his prime. They are all big, physical players that combine size and speed in a way that will drive opposing defenses nuts, while being reliable enough to get open and be a constant target for their quarterback. Jennings probably has the best quarterback of the group, but he also plays in an offense where there are a ton of targets. Still, Jennings can put up big numbers when he and Aaron Rodgers are in a groove, so he is well deserving of this ranking.

4. Roddy White (ATL) - He's big. He's strong. But will he get enough targets? Matt Ryan and the Falcons have so many options, and with the addition of talented Julio Jones, White could see less chances. I'm not suggesting that White won't be option No. 1 for Matty Ice, but 15-20 less receptions isn't out of the question. 

5. Vincent Jackson (SD) - He was dominate upon return to the Chargers late last season. Look for more of the same as he and Philip Rivers continue to grow as an impressing 1-2 punch. 

6. Hakeem Nicks (NYG) - Nicks is a beast. The only thing holding him back is Eli Manning. That's not bias. It's the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.

7. Larry Fitzgerald (ARZ) - The addition of Kevin Kolb seems like a good thing for Fitzgerald, who apparently campaigned for the Cardinals to make acquire the Eagles back-up.

8. Reggie Wayne (IND) - Just like Eli hurts Nicks, Peyton Manning does the opposite for Reggie Wayne. Been doing it for years... 

9. Dwayne Bowe (KC) - If you throw it, Bowe will catch it. He also provides countless spectacular name possibilities for your team, like "Somewhere over the Dwayne Bowe."

10. Miles Austin (DAL) - The emergence of Dez Bryant - which will happen in 2011 - won't really hurt Austin. I'd be more concerned about the blonde in the owners box cheering on Tony Romo. It didn't help No. 9 last time around.

11. DeSean Jackson (PHI) - Not the best in PPR leagues, but if special teams scoring counts, Jackson could be a top five player. With the status of Jeremy Maclin a concern, Jackson could see more targets, but once Maclin and Steve Smith return, don't count on it. Still, the little man puts up ridiculous numbers.

12. Mike Williams (TB) - If Josh Freeman has a good season, then it would stand to reason that Mike Williams had a good season. They need each other to replicate the magic they had in 2010.

13. Brandon Marshall (MIA) - He plays in Miami. He's lucky to be this high (and he got the stabbing-victim bonus). 

14. Santonio Holmes (NYJ) - He signed a big deal. But he plays on a team where defense is valued over offense. Not too high on Santonio this season.

15. Dez Bryant (DAL) - He's going to be good. It hurts to say it. I could have ranked him higher, but I just couldn't bring myself. Dez is a solid WR2.

Here's a look at the bottom half of my top 30. The biggest question mark here is Jeremy Maclin. If healthy, he could jump up to the top 15 easily. I just have a funny feeling we won't be seeing him on the football field much this season. Such a shame. He and Austin Collie were two draft steals for me last year (aside from Arian Foster of course).

16. Steve Johnson (BUF)
17. Brandon Llyod (DEN)
18. Chad Ochocinco (NE)
19. Jeremy Maclin (PHI)
20. Wes Welker (NE)
21. Anquan Boldin (BAL)
22. Marquis Colston (NO)
23. Austin Collie (IND)
24. Percy Harvin (MIN)
25. Mike Thomas (JAC)
26. Kenny Britt (TEN)
27. Braylon Edwards (SF)
28. Sidney Rice (SEA)
29. Mario Manningham (NYG)
30. Pierre Garcon (IND)

Plaxico Burress (NYJ)
Julio Jones (ATL)
Devin Hester (CHI)
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
Devone Bess (MIA)
Malcolm Flyod (SD)


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