Welcome to Philly Fan Fare

Hello. I don’t expect readers to get as emotional about what I’m writing about on this blog as those, for instance, who visit Eagletarian or High Cheese. No dirt on the Birds or the Phils here, at least no on-the-field news.

Nor will it possess the literary elegance, wit and wisdom of The Idle Rich.

Instead, it should be a spot you want to visit often to read what’s happening locally and nationally on issues that affect sports consumers -- that’s you and you and you – and chime in with your sentiments when so inclined. We’ll kick around everything from promotions to in-game entertainment to where you go for tickets and how much you pay. Often, it’s way more than most can afford.

These findings first appeared in a feature called View From the Seats, and a couple years later I expanded the coverage in a weekly column called Savvy Consumer that incorporated a readers panel. If you found anything you liked in those, you ought see some subjects in this blog worth digesting.