Tampa tix starting at an all-time low point

For the first time in 15 years here, there's a World Series on the horizon. And for the first time ever, the average price of a ticket is below $500. Only not here.

Tickets to the four games in Tampa are selling for an average of $499. Since StubHub has been tracking the numbers, they report that this is the lowest average price for a World Series ticket that they've seen for any city. This is the first time that Tampa Bay has reached baseball's playoffs in the 11-year history of the franchise.

Game 1 on Wednesday is selling for an average of $524 and Game 2 seats for the next are selling for an average of $480. The averages for Game 6 ($466) and Game 7 ($483) are sititng on the low end, although expect those numbers to rise by this time next week if it's looking like the series will be heading back to Tampa.

A get-in ticket for Game 1 has sold for as low as $200, and there reportedly are around 2,000 tickets being posted at this hour.

Otherwise, the numbers in Philly haven't changed much. The average price for the three games in Philly, Saturday through next Monday, is $854. The average price nudged up $5 since yesterday, a StubHub spokesman said this morning. Quantity (around 2,400) for Game 3 is pretty similar to what's available in Tampa for Game 1, and the get-in price ($250 for a spot in leftfield) is also close to the low-end rates in Tampa.

You might recall the average price of a ticket in Philly was $221 for the NLCS and $148 for the NLDS.

By comparison, tickets in 2007 to the four games in Boston were averaging $1279 and to the three games in Denver were averaging $927.