Sixers to start tomorrow at 6

One of the repercussions of the Phillies playing in the World Series is a change in the starting time for the Sixers' first game. Scheduled for tomorrow night at the Wachovia Center against the Raptors, the game now will begin at 6.

Originally, that idea was kicked around in case a Game 6 was being played, as scheduled, back down in Florida. The thought was that fans could see the Sixers game, then either head home or to a Phillies viewing party or just stay in the Center and watch the game. But now, with a resumption of Game 5 now tentatively scheduled for tomorrow night, the idea makes even more sense. No doubt some people who hold Sixers tickets to tomorrow's game also have tickets to Game 5 of the World Series, which probably wouldn't start until around 8:45 if it is played tomorrow. That's because presidential candidate Barack Obama's advertised program, which is running on Fox and several other networks, will run from 8 to 8:30.

In short, fans could watch the Sixers, then have plenty of time to cross Pattison Avenue and get themselves settled in the ballpark. Be aware that this Sixers change is set in stone now. Even if bad weather postpones the Phillies again tomorrow, the start time is officially 6 p.m.

The AT&T Pavilion at the Wachovia Center will remain open after the Sixers game late into the evening for fans to watch the last few innings of the baseball game with half-price domestic beer specials and food. Access to the AT&T Pavilion after the Sixers game will be free and open to the public.