Regional stores poised to open right after win




If the Phils win tonight, the frenzied euphoria won’t be limited to the ballpark and surrounding neighborhoods.



Expect it to be just as crazy at a number of retail outlets in the region as boxes are busted open and the World Series champion merchandise hits the shelves.



The highlights? Forman Mills will keep all 13 of its stores from Allentown to the



open all night to sell its items. Sports Authority stores will close its 14 stores across the region at 9:30, then reopen if the Phillies win and sell merchandise “for as long as we need to be open,” said district manager Scott Silnik. And Modell’s Sporting Goods is planning the same, reopening its eight stores as soon as the Phillies win and staying open “until the volume dies down,” according to a company release. And who knows when that will be.



Mitchell Modell, company CEO, called the next 48 hours potentially “the biggest single event in our 119 years that we’ve ever had” if the Phils win tonight. Christmas in October? That’s what he called it, but it’s more than just a catchy phrase. Modell said earlier today that the company moved 160 people into the area Monday from their stores all over the East Coast --  “anywhere from North Jersey, South Jersey, Philly, Washington, Baltimore, Boston, all over, just helping out the stores, mostly cashiers and receiving.”



Turns out the hotel bill’s going to be a bit higher, as that personnel has been forced to stay in town a few extra days because of the suspension of play Monday night. “They’ve been helping out in the stores. Obviously, we preprinted a lot of merchandise, so they’ve been helping assort them, ticket them, process them," Modell said. "So, God willing, when we win tonight, they’ll be floor ready and set up.”  



Modell’s will open the following stores for business after a win: Exton;



; Montgomery Square Mall in North Wales;

Cottman Avenue
Snyder Avenue
; Christiana, Del.; and

Mt. Laurel, N.J.

Once they run out of merchandise or the door stops opening, the stores will close and begin to restock. Then all of the stores in their Philadelphia market will open at 5 a.m., as will their store in

Hamilton, N.J.

Two other New Jersey stores, in





, will open at 7 a.m.



Christopher Streahle, director of advertising and marketing for Forman Mills, said they won’t even bother closing the doors tonight. All 13 in the region are planning to keep the lights on through the evening and overnight, and restock as they go along.



Sports Authority’s Silnik said their 14 stores will close at 9:30 to get set up, and then reopen after a Phillies win and stay open all night if they need to. But, he added, “I really anticipate volume dying off. I anticipate it being where, we have a lot of goods, but I think we’ll end up selling down and that will dictate when we’ll close, because we’ll be low on volume. But we have a second shot coming in for 6 a.m., maybe even earlier, and then product coming in on the hour. All 14 stores will reopen at 6, that’s what we’re advertising, but as soon as we get product, we’ll be open. So, we’ll probably be open at 5 in a lot of stores.”

The Phillies say their store at the ballpark will not stay open, but instead will reopen at 9 a.m. tomorrow stocked with World Series champion merchandise.