Phils tickets: Demand rising, prices falling slightly

  Similar to the National League Division Series, it appears that the ticket to Game 1 will be the least expensive of any of the NLCS games to be played at Citizens Bank Park.
  Sean Pate, of StubHub, said late this afternoon that prices had slowly decreased during the week.
  “If I look at the last few days, it has been creeping down,” he said. “Monday it was at $238, Tuesday at $241, Wednesday $239. Probably tomorrow you’ll see $225 potentially. But again that’s going to be the steady average.  As far as getting in, the low end probably will be in the $120 range.
  “What might be interesting to look at is see what the tickets are listed for, maybe even in the morning. That’s when you start to see some people getting desperate and wanting to get rid of these tickets.”
  Pate noted that the site was still listing more than 1,000 tickets. “That’s still really good availability,” he said.
  Locally, Jeremi Conaway of Wanamaker Tickets in Center City said they were seeing an increase in calls throughout today. “I think tomorrow it’s going to be real tough to find a ticket, especially late tomorrow. And if they win tomorrow, Friday will be a monster.”
  Conaway said they had about 700 left, then a couple minutes later noted that “we’re down to 690.” And around 1,000 for Friday. “By morning, that number will be cut in half,” he added, “simply because of all the orders overnight. With all the [promos] they’re doing on ESPN, people are really starting to get the positive buzz.”
  Prices to get in the door, as Conaway called them, were around $115 “ranging up to $600, $700 for the best of the best. Friday it’s a little stronger, just because it’s a Friday. That day [the low-end price] will be $125.”
  Mike Garvie of said earlier today he was seeing tickets going for as low as $90 for today’s game, up to around $800 for a premium seat.
  By comparison, fans looking to possibly travel to the West Coast were finding more available seats but with a greater range. Around 7,500 tickets still were available today for Game 3 Sunday night, according to StubHub. Those were selling at an average of $172, but someone had purchased a ticket as low as $30 for sit in the leftfield pavilion and as high as $2500 for a spot in the Dugout Club, similar to the Phillies’ Diamond Club.
  Tickets to the three potential games at Dodger Stadium were selling at an average of $163; the average ticket price for the four possible games at Citizens Bank Park was sitting at $239, according to StubHub.
  In the other league, more than 1,900 tickets were still posted for Game 1 Friday in Tampa, where the average ticket price was $174. It was almost twice as much ($329) for the three scheduled games at Fenway Park, where more than 2,000 tickets were available for Game 3 on Monday.
  Wanamaker’s Conaway noted that people were inquiring about the “if necessary” games at Citizens Bank Park next weekend; Game 6 is scheduled for Friday night, Oct. 17, and Game 7 would be played the next night.
  “We’re definitely selling 6 and 7,” Conaway said, noting fans would get a complete refund if one or both of those games aren’t played. and StubHub have the same policy. Average ticket price at StubHub were listed at $254 for Game 6 and $274 for Game 7.
  “People will often buy early in the cycle,” StubHub’s Pace said, “in order to get something that could be a deal. A lot of people will wait, but the people that do buy in advance [do so] because if it does happen to go to a Game 7, that’s obviously historic and those ticket prices will certainly spike as soon as it looks like it’s a foregone conclusion.”