One word for Game 5: affordable

Well, Game 4 did one thing besides move the Phillies to a game away from a spot in the World Series. It also kept the average price of tickets lower than at any of the other three venues.

Average ticket prices for Game 4 were $102, and they are the same for Game 5 tomorrow night, according to StubHub's daily report. In fact, the average price of a ticket for the three games at Dodger Stadium is down to $114. As previously reported, the lowest priced ticket was for $5 to Game 3 for a spot in the upper deck.

Meanwhile, neither the quantity (around 3,400) nor the average price ($252) has changed much at all for a possible Game 6 at Citizens Bank Park on Friday night.

In the other series, Game 4 tickets for tonight's game at Fenway PArk are averaging $248, and Thursday's Game 5 tickets are sititng at $236.

Ticket prices for the three potential World Series games in Philly, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 25, Sunday, Oct. 26, and Monday, Oct. 27, have sold for an average of $869. That's higher than Tampa and Los Angeles by a couple hundred dollars, and more than 100 dollars below the aveage price of a ticket for the four possible games at Fenway Park in Boston.