Thursday, May 28, 2015

Big retail doins at the ballpark this weekend

The Phillies will hold their annual holiday sale, and among the things to see will be the Phanatic and the World Series trophy.

Big retail doins at the ballpark this weekend

This will be the fourth year that the Phillies are holding their holiday/winter sale at the Majestic store at Citizens Bank

Park .


But it will be anything but business as usual in the wake of their title. First and foremost, the World Series trophy will be present, just one of the many stops it will make during the offseason. Listen, they've even got a trophy czar, Jamie Trout, whose primary role is coordinator of marketing programs.


"Dave Buck, our senior VP of marketing, basically said, 'We have a little project for you,' " Trout explained by phone last night, en route to a private unveiling of the team's DVD, "The Perfect Season." "I guess that's how I was anointed. It's been coming and going pretty much every day since the beginning of December for various events."


That has kept Trout preoccupied with playing chaparone while helping to lay out a route that will take it all over the region. "This will be an enhanced winter tour as a result of this trophy," he said. "The idea is to have as many people see it as possible."


Unlike the Stanley Cup, which pays a visit to the winning city before heading to the Hockey Hall of Fame, this trophy will reside at Citizens Bank Park . That's where fans will find it as they come in for the holiday sale, which will run 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. tomorrow and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. Scott Brandreth, director of merchandising, said the Phanatic will be dressed as Santa and offering that big lap for kids to settle into from 11 to 2 Saturday and 11 to 1 Sunday. Late tomorrow, around 5, he'll head back to the park on a fire truck and, as Brandreth said, do "that Clark Griswold thing" and plug in the Christmas tree.


Brandreth said there’s plenty of World Series merchandise, including copies of “The Perfect Season” DVD. He said that holiday World Series merchandise is in stock and that “we’re probably the only people that have the locker room caps and T-shirt.”


In addition, those ear-flap caps that Tampa coach Joe Maddon (and the bad weather) helped to popularize during the Series is also in stock. Also called the Elmer Fudd caps, they are flex-fit, in size S/M and M/L, Brandreth said.


Finally, Phillies Charities will be set up in an adjoining room for a memorabilia sale, including some game-used and autographed items, which will direct the proceeds to charity.


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