Average price for today's ticket settles in at $220

Turns out that tickets to today's game at Citizens Bank Park sold, on average, for $220. That's slightly less than what they went for yesterday. For playoff games, StubHub sales stop two hours before game time.

The most expensive ticket sold was $1199 for a spot in the Diamond Club.

At this moment, the average price for Game 6 tickets next Friday is $253. There are about 3,000 posted on StubHub's site, ranging from $120 to $4300. Game 7 tickets are selling, on average, at $266. Certainly, some of the local ticket agencies and other secondary online spots also will have access; figure those average prices to rise if the Phillies come home with an opportunity to clinch next Friday night. And Game 7's average price no doubt will escalate by late next week. 

If you can find a cheap flight, StubHub is showing lots of inventory at a lower price for the games in Los Angeles. There are approximately 3,500 tickets left for Game 3 on Sunday. Average ticket prices for the three potential games out there is $153, compared to $225 at Citizens Bank Park. The lowest priced ticket was for Game 4, an average of $148. The price range was $5 for a spot in the top deck up to $2500 for a ticket in the Dugout Club. The average price for Game 1 is $156 and for Game 5, on Wednesday, is $155.

Average ticket prices for the four possible games in Tampa is $173; and $297 for the three games scheduled for Boston.

World Series tickets for the three potential games in Philly have been hovering around $860.