More Dispatches from Darwin: “Randy Roos”, a Pig that’s “Makin Bacon” and The Ever Present Threat of Crocs

When Darwinians talk about crocs, they don't mean ugly shoes.  

While on a science expedition in Northern Australia, OSU biologist Tim Berra managed to send a few clips from the NT Times, which is the newspaper that serves the people of Darwin. These stories would make any reporter in Philadelphia jealous. Sure, we have Vince Fumo but Darwinians have a sex-crazed pig named Harry Trotter who’s been rampaging through town copulating with trash cans.

The Inquirer would be so all over that story. We had a loose cow in Upper Darby once, and it didn’t have to have sex with anything to make the front page. As if that weren’t news enough, Darwinians have a kangaroo flasher.

Dr. Berra also sends this wonderful essay from the Sunday version of the paper, which explains the charms of Australia’s Northern Territory.