I Make Typos, Get Hate Mail.

I apologize for the typos in the previous post. I'm on double deadline with a story and a column and was a little hasty with the last post. Apparently some haters were just waiting for this moment:  

Flim Flam,
Hey genius, in your haste to post yet another anti-Christian rant about Indiana you misspelled "pseudoscience" and used incorrect grammar in "A number of scientists and religions figures testified...". You meant religious, perhaps? I think you need to "dress up" your English writing skills before "foisting" your opinions on others.  In the least you would look more intelligent while trying to mock the intelligence of others.  But that's the Inquirer today where ideology trumps journalistic talent and skill.


Gee Thanks Brian. I hope that made you feel better. I'm glad my typos gave you the opportunity to vent some of your anger. You might also try jogging or take up a sport.