Climate Change Deniers Not as Prolific as Cold Fusion Proponents

F.F. I thought I'd let Higgs the cat deal with some recent claims from climate change deniers and cold fusion believers. Here’s a comment from a recent column comparing and contrasting climate denail with creationism. 

Comment: 1,000 published articles and studies in reputable scientific journals that refute "Man-Made" global warming:

Higgs: What, just 1000? You people are way behind the cold fusion people. Just take a look at this email message that recently landed in our inbox: 

Email writer: Regarding cold fusion, this effect has been replicated by over 200 major laboratories, often at very high signal to noise ratios. I have a collection of 1,800 peer-reviewed journal papers on cold fusion, copied from the library at Los Alamos. I suggest you review this literature before you quote ignorant nonsense from PhACT. Please see:
Your bio says that in pursuit of stories you have been to the South Pole. In pursuit of this story I think you should have at least done a Google search. You would have discovered that the people at PhACT have read nothing and they know nothing about this subject.

Higgs: Congratulations. You totally sprayed on those climate deniers. Clearly humans should stop burning fossil fuel and start powering the world with cold fusion!  PhACT, by the way, stands for the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking. The story in question was a blog post announcing that a physicist would be giving a talk for PhACT about cold fusion. It was a good talk, or so I'm told. Can I have a treat now?