A view from a higher authority

Okay, I realize this might not be The Creator. While God may play dice, he definitely does not say, "lol". Also, I had to correct a couple of His spelling errors.

Reading the response posted today I realized, yet again, how arrogant humans are about their intelligence(creative or not). Why they think they know the answer to the question of their existence  and are so small minded to believe they can use common sense in making assumptions about a subject beyond their comprehension. Why can't humans accept the fact that they don't know. That the real reasons (if there are any) will not be revealed to them. Just understand that you are inhabitants of a planet with many other inhabitants and that it is in your best interest to be morally responsible. To have a harmonious society where all can live their lives till they die without strangers impacting life in the negative ... lol. To exercise the innate right and wrong compass and  thusly answer to themselves. Religion isn't needed for that, just a conscious and you all have one. You also have to deal with the imperfections in humanity and elsewhere as best as possible.

So go forth and multiply and make the best of it because you're a couple of nuclear accidents away from completely destroying your fragile atmosphere and rendering mankind (as well as other species) extinct. Meanwhile Mother Earth will just recoil and spit out another life form for the next umpteen years without missing a beat. Is the universe eternal? Who knows? All you need to know is your not and there's nothing you can do about it. So deal with it.


Your Creator