‘Workaholics’ stars stop by ‘Conan’ for a ‘Best Friends’ performance

The guys in Comedy Central’s Workaholics are returning to TV tomorrow with their fourth season, and based on their appearance on Conan last night, they still are the greatest friends on the face of the Earth. Even if they have their differences.

Stars Adam and Blake got into a disagreement mid-interview, with discussion of Adam’s comedy musical, Pitch Perfect, serving as the final straw for Blake. After all, all the guys need attention—otherwise, just don’t even have them come on.

The two stormed off in anger, but only remained apart shortly before Conan broke out his axe to repair the friendship. Through song. Needless to say, Conan’s guitar work repaired the friendship, leaving the trio to delight stoner comedy aficionados for the foreseeable future. 

Check out the “Best Friends” performance below. Maybe you’ll learn something:

Can’t see the video? Click here.