Wild Brawl on 'Real Housewives of New Jersey'

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A conversation between Teresa and Melissa goes very badly.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is no stranger to loud conflict and outraged furniture tossing. But in the season debut last night on Bravo, the clan took hostilities to a whole new level.

It happened at a christening party for the infant son of new cast member Melissa Gorga. Her husband Joe is the brother of Housewives’ resident hothead Teresa Giudice.

At a catering hall celebration of the holy sacrament, words are exchanged between Teresa and the Gorgas. Moments later she storms away from the table, throwing up her talons and screaming, “Whatever!”

Apparently Teresa’s husband took offense to the way his bride had been treated. He takes a menacing run at Gorga. The battle of the Joes is on (see video below). On and on, as people try to hold the two men apart, new combatants join the fray and nasty words are exchanged.

At one point Giudice screams. “I’ll [blanking] kill all of you!”

Melissa puts the blame firmly on her brother-in-law. “When you start charging,” she says, “obviously the men are going to go crazy.”

By the end, babies are crying and marinara is all over the place.

Incredible. It’s a sacred ceremony and a full-scale table-clearing brawl breaks out. Only in [blanking] New Jersey.


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