Watch Stephen Colbert's tribute to his late mother

Get ready to cry, kids.

Stephen Colbert dropped an emotional four-minute tribute on the Colbert Report Wednesday night for his late mother, Lorna Tuck Colbert, who passed away last week at the age of 92.

An emotional Colbert started his eulogy with, "If you watch this show and you also like me, that's because of my mom."

"She made a very loving home for us," he recalled of the late Colbert matriarch who raised 11 children. "Singing and dancing were encouraged, except at the dinner table."

"She was fun," the comedian added, though Lorna Colbert dealt with a hefty amount of hardship in her lifetime, losing her husband, a brother and three of her sons. "She knew more than her share of tragedy," he said.

"But her love for her family and her faith in God, somehow gave her the strength not only to go on but to love life without bitterness. And to instill in all of us a gratitutde for every day we have together," he emphasized.

Watch the beautiful delivery, below.