Watch Oprah grill Lindsay Lohan: 'Are you an addict?'

The first teaser from Oprah Winfrey's highly-touted, sit-down interview with Lindsay Lohan has been released.

In the clip, Winfrey grills the troubled actress about her stint in rehab and struggles in-and-out of the courtroom.

"Are you an addict?" a serious Winfrey inquires. She then adds, "What does it feel like to be both an adjective and verb for a child-star-gone-wrong?"

A visibly nervous Lohan, whose responses aren't shared in the teaser, takes deep breaths.

Winfrey, who appeared on CBS This Morning to promote The Butler on Monday, gave further insight on her exclusive with LiLo. She said the star was "honest, authentic and ready."

Well, if Lohan held back from fully giving an open interview, we're sure the queen of media would have unearthed and extrapolated everything necessary for a good H&H session to be aired on her network.

The interview airs Sunday, Aug. 18 on OWN.