WATCH: ‘Vice’ HBO finale features Camden’s crime problem

Last December, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi penned “Apocalypse, New Jersey,” detailing Camden’s fall into crime and poverty and how police are surveilling the problem. Since then, it’s been denounced as “poverty porn” and held up as a fiery screed on our police sector’s growing ills. Now, Vice is getting in on the action.

The crew for Vice’s popular half-hour HBO news show made their way to Camden in February on the heels of Taibbi’s article to get a closer look at the story. Their take will air next week for the Show’s finale, a typical dual-topic episode that will fit Camden’s crime and surveillance problem next to the forgotten genocide in Darfur.

As the story goes, Camden police are essentially turning the city into a surveillance state in order to keep up with the high crime rate they’re faced with on a daily basis. The result, it seems, has been the removal of privacy from Camden’s residents in the name of better policing through technology.

Judging from the trailer, it seems to be that way. See for yourself below:

Season 2 Episode 12 Preview