WATCH: Taylor Swift goes teen geek on Fallon's 'Ew!'

Sure, Reading native Taylor Swift may have revealed that she'll be performing at this year's VMAs in between skits on last night's Tonight Show. But she also fulfilled the role of a lifetime: that of 13-year Natalie Benson, an awkward, budding teen girl, and the role Swift, 24, was meant to play.

Swift joined host Jimmy Fallon last night for the Tonight Show's "Ew!" skit decked out in full geeky regalia. Complete with "Pegacorn" (yes, that's a cross between a Pegasus and unicorn) in hand, Swift's character let us know a few things about herself while on the mock talk show: 

  • Her mom has not let her watch TV "since Miley Cyrus tweaked."
  • She likes to spend her time "building popsicle-stick castles by myself, sometimes."
  • She is not OK with breaking up.
  • Conversely, she is not OK with getting back together. Never, ever,ever, ever. 

The real Taylor Swift, meanwhile, confirmed that she'll play MTV's VMA ceremony on August 24, and also managed to show off a nasty glue gun scar—hey, why not?—during her interview with Fallon. Because, you know, she's just like us—except for the Pegacorns.

Check out the interview below:

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