WATCH: Bill Cosby stops by ‘Tonight,’ confuses everyone

If ever you’ve wondered what Bill Cosby’s deal is, his appearance on "The Tonight Show" last night…probably won’t help any with that. To illustrate, consider Cosby’s greeting to the audience:

"We're here! We're here on the Fallon show and we're waiting for the gas pedal and the clutch and the brake... Too many people have hit the deer, and the deer always win. But the ones I don't understand—I don't understand the intelligence of a moth."

Following that, he insists that host Jimmy Fallon is, in fact, James Fallon of Paoli—a joke specifically for The Roots crew, and one that the audience didn’t quite get. But, still, it’s nice to see the fellow Philly boys sharing a laugh.

Cosby being Cosby, the interview—only about seven minutes long—ranged widely in topic, with stops including:

  • Cosby’s dislike of Fallon’s Cosby imitation.
  • His penchant for markers in a cup.
  • Pigeons.
  • Sex as an old person.

What’s he hawking? Who knows! If this interview is any indicator, though, his coming Netflix standup ought to be interesting.

Check out the rest of Fallon’s sit-down with Cosby below: