Video: The Kevin Hart trailer they won’t show on TV

Actor Kevin Hart attends the Tribeca Film Festival opening night premiere of "The Five-Year Engagement" at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Kevin Hart, the Pride of Philadelphia, has some explaining to do. Particularly when it comes to this surreal trailer for his new stand-up film Let Me Explain. Caution: This clip contains profanity, nudity and imaginary animals.

So what is going on here exactly? Kevin, clad only in green track shoes, jumps off a bus and sprints down a highway in his birthday suit.

Has he gone all Martin Lawrence on us? No, he’s actually fleeing a…what is that creature? A deerbra? We’ll take your word for it, Kev.

OK, it makes sense in a weird sort of way when you see Let Me Explain, which officially opens July 3 (with some late night showings on the 2nd). You see, pathological liars just can’t help themselves, even when it comes to something simple like explaining to their boss why they’re late for work.

A deerbra?




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