Video: Recognize this guy? Jon Hamm doesn’t

Who is that hairy guy? Looks kind of like Liam Neeson after he spent two months in the Arctic wilderness fending off wolves.

Anyone care to guess? Anyone? You cheater! You peeked!

It’s the hirsute star of the HBO comedy film Clear History which debuts in August. As soon as you watch the video (below) and hear his voice, you’ll know his identity immediately. No, not when he’s driving across the Golden Gate in a Porsche convertible lustily singing along to Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4” (which sounds strangely good, doesn’t it?). But as soon as he expostulates “The Howard?!?”, and you hear that whining, incredulous tone…Yeah, it's Larry.

Looks like a fun flick, with Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Kate Hudson, Lenny Clarke, J.B. Smoove and our used-to-be mystery man, summed up in the clip by Danny McBride as “You look like the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart.”



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