Video: Elizabeth Hasselbeck bids ‘The View’ adieu

Well that happened in a hurry, didn’t it? Yesterday it was announced that Elizabeth Hasselbeck, the Anita Bryant of the New Millenium, would be joining Fox & Friends in September as a co-host.

Before the talc had settled, ABC announced that today would be her last day on The View, the Barbara Walters henhouse. Wham, bam and love you, ma’am.

Hours ago the show opened (see video, below) with Hasselbeck delivering this emotional goodbye speech to the staff and her fellow panelists (except Sherri Shepherd who was absent). It was all very kiss-kiss. Hasselbeck even called Whoopi Goldberg “one of the greatest artists on the planet”. Faint praise for the Whoopster!

The oddly abrupt move sets off a game of musical chairs. Gretchen Carlson will be leaving Fox & Friends for an afternoon show. Barbara is retiring and Joy Behar is leaving the show. That’s a lot of pumps to fill.

You have to wonder if Fox News Svengali Roger Ailes has ever seen his new hire. In announcing Hasselbeck's new position, he said, “her warm and engaging personality made her a star.”

Well, at least Brian Kilmeade will have someone to talk to.




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