Video: Colbert’s EZ sexual harassment seminar

Last night, in the middle of a report on Edward Snowden, klaxons began going off and lights started flashing during The Colbert Report.  It was an “oppressed white male alert” and Stephen sprang immediately into action.

The report concerned embattled San Diego mayor Bob Filner who is facing numerous charges of sexual harassment brought by women.

Before delving into the sleazy specifics, Colbert was thoughtful enough to give this warning: “The details are a little disturbing. So if you have children in the room…they’re about to grow up real fast.”

In the latest development in the case, Filner is now suing to have taxpayers pay his legal fees because, he claims, he was never provided sexual harassment training, as California state law mandates.

Providently, Colbert had a simple solution for Filner’s behavioral problems, “a handy mnenomic device”. Jim?

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