Video: CNN runs wild surveillance clip of store owners fighting armed robbers

Screen grab from the surveillance video.

Crooks beware, this may be the tipping point of Chicago crime.

Two armed robbers entered a Chi-Town shop several days ago with every intent of intimidating the employees with loaded weapons, and taking off with loads of cash. What they didn’t expect during the heist was a bat-wielding shop owner and his brother-in-law fighting back with all their might - and tools in sight.

In a ridiculous stand-off captured by the store’s surveillance camera and later seen on CNN's Early Start, 62-year-old Luiz Quizphe and his brother-in-law Luis Aucaquizhpi battle the burglars. At one point in the video, Aucaquizhpi is spotted chasing the gunman with a fire extinguisher. This, after tossing a stool at the perpetrator. Quizphe, meanwhile, fights an armed robber with a bat while facing a continuous stream of bullets. NBC Chicago reports city police found 10 shell casings on the floor after the incident, which left Quizphe hospitalized over a gunshot wound in his leg.

Watch below.