VIDEO: ‘Stephen Colbert’ doesn't envy Letterman’s ‘Late Show’ replacement

With seemingly everyone having weighed in on Stephen Colbert being officially announced as David Letterman’s Late Show replacement, there’s just one man who had yet to get his side out early yesterday: Stephen Colbert. Last night’s episode of the Colbert Report solved that problem.

The big news, Colbert said last night, “slipped through my news crack,” explaining away his long response time. With that, he launched into praising Letterman for not only shepherding the Late Show for so many years, but for making Colbert slack off in college thanks to the show’s late start time. As a result, Letterman has been someone Colbert had “admired for years, yet is not me.”

“I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair,” he said. “Those are some huge shoes to fill—and some really big pants.” 

Check out the video below: