Tyra Banks to return in 'Life-Size' sequel

Remember when Lindsay Lohan was a role model for young girls everywhere?

Neither do we.

Before the troubled young actress starred as Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime biopic, she was a Disney darling, a role model with a burgeoning showbiz career. There was the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap, where Lohan played the role of identical twins, astounding viewers with her faux-British accent and natural acting chops.

Several years later, Disney asked Lohan to co-star alongside supermodel Tyra Banks in its original movie, "Life-Size," a film about a doll that comes to life. The telepic debuted on ABC's Wonderful World of Disney, attracting decent ratings and remaining a Gen Y made-for-TV-movie staple. Sadly, for the next decade, there was no sequel, prequel or spin-off series.

Which brings us to this news: On Monday, Variety reported that the Disney Channel is developing a sequel to the 2000 film, and Banks is returning. The model will once again star as Eve the doll, but this time, Tyra's putting her business school and ANTM experience to use as the film's executive producer.

Lohan, on the other hand? We seriously doubt it.