Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tracy Morgan on Letterman: Say what?

The comic explains his ER visit at Sundance. Among other things.

Tracy Morgan on Letterman: Say what?


Ladies and gentlemen, Tracy Morgan. That’s pretty much all you have to say if you’re a talk show host. Bring the mercurial comedian out and let him riff. David Letterman knows that better than anyone. Here is Tracy last night on The Late Show.

Morgan is referring to his collapse at the Sundance Film Festival in January when he was taken to a local hospital after passing out during an awards ceremony.

Trust me, that’s the most coherent segment of the interview. Tracy touched on Oprah, politics, Tim Tebow, Rihanna, Snooki and a myriad of other topics without any appreciable segues. Tracy’s torrent of consciousness style really threw Letterman for a loop.

Dave consistently had trouble finding a seat in Morgan’s Short Attention Span Theater. For instance. Letterman asked Tracy about the Jet Blue pilot who got arrested this week after freaking out on a flight due to an alleged panic attack.

Somehow Tracy hopscotched from there to an imaginary anecdote about having been in the cockpit with Sully Sullenberger: “We were throwing a couple back; we got into a fight about the Knicks and next thing we knew we were in the Hudson River."

If you say so, Trace.



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