‘Touch’ numbers tumble in finale

Last night Touch pretty much had primetime to itself. All the network series (except reality shows like Duets) had wrapped and Touch was mounting its big two-hour finale.

Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

Without American Idol to bolster it as a lead-in, the mystical numerical Kiefer Sutherland series dropped to an all time low, drawing less than 5 million viewers. That’s got to concern Fox because it renewed the show for next year, based on more optimistic numbers. The network has moved Touch to Friday nights where it will have virtually no support. And that means numbers as low or lower than last night.

Other than that, how’d you like the episode, Mrs. Lincoln? The powerful and shady Astercorp is clearly after Jake, seeking to exploit his strange autistic powers. In this scene, after to trying to kill his father Martin (Sutherland), they’ve taken the boy to a facility upstate. Abigail tries to talk Martin into working within the system. Ha!

Here’s your cliffhanger. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Martin locates Jake (or maybe it's the other way around; fate is tricky) and they flee to California, running out on a pier over the Pacific to get as far west as they can.Who should be standing there but that mysterious blonde beachcomber (Norristown’s own Maria Bello, who’s looking for series work since her own Prime Suspect got cancelled).

Turns out the blonde is looking for her daughter. The girl’s name? Amelia (!), the youngster that Astercorp had previously kidnapped. And so, as they do at the end of every episode of Touch, all the loose threads get knotted.

See ya next season?


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