Tonight’s TV highlight: ‘Drunk History’ takes on Lewis and Clark

Alright, boys and girls, tonight’s bleary topic on Drunk History on Comedy Central (10 p.m.) is Nashville. And yes, the adventures of Dolly Parton will be included. Never you worry.

But first, let us stumble back in time to recall the epic exploration of Lewis and Clark. (Warning: The F-bomb gets thrown around rather liberally by our inebriate narrators.)

Until now, I thought Michael Cera was the ideal actor for this comedy/history/barroom rant/ventriloquist mashup. But that was before I saw Tony Hale as Meriwether Lewis. Hale should get the Emmy this year for double duty on Arrested Development and Veep. And this totally seals the deal.

That’s Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam as William Clark.

I learned more in a minute and a half of this nonsense than I did in 4 hours of Ken Burns’ film on the intrepid pairing. He didn’t even mention those crazy Lakota women.




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