Tom Corbett demands that Discovery end 'bigoted' 'Amish Mafia' series

Image via Discovery.

Oh, those darn Amish—always raising as much hell as livestock, brandishing weapons, and blowing up cars. Or, well, at least the "Amish" on Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia are—but we out here near Pennsylvania Dutch country know better, of course.

So too does Governor Tom Corbett, along with 18 other state politicians, who recently called on Discovery to end their Ami-fascist enabling entertainment post-haste. As per PennLive:

Calling the series "bigoted" and an "an affront to all people of faith and all secular people with moral principles," the statement adds that people have a responsibility to voice opposition to the portrayal of the Amish community in the show.

"By misrepresenting the Amish as a crime-ridden culture, the show gives, by association, the same impression of Lancaster County," the statement reads "It changes the image of the county from one of pastoral beauty, where people are devoted to faith, family and friends, to one of banal ugliness." 

In the statement to Discovery, Corbett and company say that the show willfully "engage[s] in religious bigotry" and tends to "vilify the Amish way of life." Discovery has yet to comment, but this most recent news mirrors attempts at having the series pulled by Respect Amish earlier this month. So, as it were, the chorus of anti-Amish Mafia sentiment is not only growing louder, but also gaining bureaucratic support. 

So much so that Senators Pat Toomey and Robert Casey also signed a similar request, though without the call to end Amish Mafia as a series. The pressure, it seems, is on. 

Check out Corbett's statement below: