Tim and Eric hit 'The Simpsons'

From TV Line


Comedy duo Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker of the wonderfully wacked-out "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!" and proud Philly ex-pats will appear on "The Simpsons" this Sunday at 8 p.m. Tim and Eric famously met in the dorms of Temple.

The episode features Bart, Lisa and Marge started their own food blog called the Three Mouthketeers. The above first look, from TV Line, features several famous chefs, including Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsey (who is making his own Philly appearance soon), Julia Child and (shudder) Guy Fieri (what? No Garces?!)

Tim and Eric can be seen on either side of Marge. We're not entirely sure what they do in this episode, considering neither are known for their culinary skills. 

Eric tweeted another picture of the duo, saying, "T & E arguing over the correct pronunciation of Pho! Sunday Simpsons. Written by the hilarious lunatic @mattselman." Attached was this pic:

Hulu's got a clip of the ep, below:

Tim and Eric have been working on a movie as of late, among other activities, including Tim's new Herman Cain tribute album, "Cainology (Songs in the Key of Cain)." All proceeds go to the VIP Community Mental Health Center’s violence intervention program. Check one of the videos for the album below.

Is it just us, or you totally hearing a little influence from The Band in there?

UPDATE: Fox just posted the episode online