The world’s highest paid celebrities


How rich do you have to be to lose a staggering 43% of your income in a year, and still rank as the highest paid celebrity in the world? You’d have to ask Oprah Winfrey. just published a list of the highest paid celebrities and Ms. O was queen of the mountain as usual with $165 million.

Still on top, even after a bad year

As the article notes, that’s a steep dropoff of $125 million from the previous year, due to the shuttering of Winfrey’s extraordinarily successful and lucrative talk show. But she’s still got a few things going for her, including a big stake in Dr. Phil. Her protégé landed at #17 with $64 million.

Most of the list is made up of Hollywood producer types. Michael Bay, a celebrity? Well, if it means you can walk into L.A.’s hottest restaurant and get seated immediately, I guess so. But I doubt I’d know Bay if he was in the elevator next to me.

There are some interesting names in the Midas bunch including Dr. Dre and Simon Cowell, and their big incomes didn’t always come from the sources you might expect. You can see the whole list as a gallery here.

But wait a goldarn minute. Ryan Seacrest at #19 with a measly $59 million? We demand a recount. Ryan spends that much on personal grooming products each week



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